2017 Conference Sessions

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The 2017 Accelerate! Conference & Expo will be packed with relevant content and practical take-away information that can be applied to your career, as well as your company's strategy and operations. Sessions will be designed to fall under one or more of these four Educational Tracks: Leadership, HR/Talent Management, Operations, and Sales & Marketing.

How Women Can Succeed in Trucking (Despite Having Female Brains)
Valerie Alexander, best-selling author and CEO of Goalkeeper Media, examines what women do to hold themselves back in the transportation and supply chain industries. She’ll teach how we can compete on a playing field designed by men to reward achievements. You’ll gain insights on how to improve your decision-making, speak the language of success, and understand the role of hierarchy. > More

Creating Happiness & Productivity in the Workplace
Engagement, job satisfaction and worker happiness matter to the bottom line. Workplace satisfaction teaches employees and trains managers how to create a positive work environment through simple adjustments and exercises anyone can do. During this session, leaders/supervisors will learn how to encourage creativity and problem-solving, and identify and control “toxic” employees. Participants will learn how to maintain a positive attitude, even with the most difficult customers; and how to find satisfaction in even the most dreaded and difficult tasks. > More

Perspectives from Annette Sandberg: Women in Non-Traditional Jobs in Transportation
As the former Administrator of the FMCSA, Annette Sandberg will provide unique perspectives of the many non-traditional positions in commercial freight transportation and logistics – and opportunities women have to fill these roles. She’ll provide practical tips on how to align your career vision and objectives with these positions – and ultimately how to add value to your company. > More 

“4 Steps Women Take to Become Successful Leaders” (Leadership Track)
Career success is about moving past the “male-dominated status quo” and embracing what makes diverse perspectives strong and unique. It’s about overcoming the doubts that keep women from reaching their full potential. You’ll be inspired by the nominees of the 2017 WIT Influential Woman in Trucking Award, and will learn about the four steps that can make your own career dynamic and influential. At the session’s conclusion, the recipient of this award will be announced. > More

“Elevate Your Game: A Message of Personal Transformation”
Are you looking for a way to make a personal transformation in your career – and your life? Joel McGinley, Managing Director of TranStrategy Partners, will share what holds a person back from transformative growth. He’ll then teach the tools you need to make changes to transform yourself into the person and the career that you truly want. > More

“Seven Leadership Lessons from Baghdad" (Leadership Track)   
This session will provide a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts approach to action-oriented leadership steps that apply in business, in the transportation industry, in the military, and in the community. Those who are in a leadership role (or aspire to be) will learn how to become more confident by reading, study, practice, and mentoring.  Admiral Robert Wray, CEO, Citadel Fleet Safety, will provide useful tips you can apply to start the road to better leadership. > More

Success Stories: The Process and Rewards of Becoming a Certified WBE (Leadership Track)
Want to reach customers and partners who are eager to contract with women-owned businesses? Becoming WBE-certified may be for you. You’ll learn the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a women business enterprise, and how to map out the steps required for your business to become WBE-certified. Hear first-hand from several other executives what they’ve done to achieve and leverage their certification status for business success. > More

Championing Women Leaders” (Leadership Track)
Your organization could become much stronger through a formal program that develops leadership skills in women. One company, Peterbilt Motors, has successfully accomplished this – and is considered a best practice in the industry. A team from Peterbilt Motors will share how the company saw the need, how it went about the quest, what they’ve learned, and ultimately what the future holds for Peterbilt. You’ll learn why there’s a need for championing women leaders and how your organization can go about making it happen. > More

“Motor Carriers and Drivers: Phase II ELD Implementation” (Operations Track)
This rule streamlines record-keeping but still requires drivers and carriers to retain supporting documents in paper or digital format to verify hours of service compliance. Supporting documents requirements take effect on the ELD rule compliance date of Dec. 18, 2017. Motor carriers and drivers will receive need-to-know information, including the registration process and what you can expect during Phase II of the plan; and driver and motor carrier responsibilities as they relate to this phase. You’ll be part of a Question & Answer session with Latonya Mimms, a representative from the FMCSA who is responsible for the ELD Rule Implementation. > More

“Legislative Developments & Legal Trends in HR and Operations”
Learn about recent transportation-related legislative and regulatory developments that impact operations, including: the “Gig Economy” (Uber, Lyft, etc.), independent contractors, the impact of ELDs on driver shortage and hours worked; and other federal administrative changes at the Department of Labor. > More

Research-Based Approach to Understanding and Improving Early Stage Driver Turnover 
Does your company struggle with driver turnover? Examine ground-breaking research and predictive models that link driver attitudes and opinions about their work experience with their actions of staying with or leaving. What does recent, comprehensive analysis of more than 80,000 driver surveys tell us about the root causes of driver turnover? Then gain insights and practical strategies you can implement to improve your retention. > More

“Making Health and Wellness Fun (The Gamification of Driver Health and Wellness)”
People love challenges and games. Learn how you can apply gamification to health and wellness programs to strengthen your fleet operations and performance. > More

Best Practices in Female Driver Recruiting and Engagement 
Keera Brooks, President & CEO of Sawgrass Logistics will share results from the 2017 WIT Best Practices Survey, which provide perspectives from drivers, logistics companies, staffing agencies, training schools, and other industry partners. Gain ideas from a panel of executives who are responsible for driver recruitment and engagement on how to implement strategies within your companies and across the industry to increase the number of women drivers. > More

Legal Issues Impacting Employee Productivity and Rights
Legal experts will share insights on recent employment law issues affecting the productivity and rights of women in the trucking industry, including gender discrimination in driver training and sexual harassment; parental leave rights; requirements under the FMLA and ADA; Fair Labor Standards Act Motor Carrier Overtime Exemption; and California Equal Pay Act. > More

“Game-Changing Sales Tips in a Male-Dominated Industry" (Sales & Marketing Track)
Being a successful female sales professional requires more than just knowing your product or service. You need to project confidence, gain trust, and build longstanding relationships. You need to have self-confidence and continuously be a step ahead of your competition. Hear down-to-earth words of wisdom from seasoned sales professionals on how to be successful in a male-dominated industry. > More

The Buyer’s Journey: A Practical Guide to Successful Results (Sales & Marketing Track)
The “buyer’s journey” is a process buyers go through to become aware of, evaluate, and purchase a new service or product. Gain an understanding of the three stages your prospects and customers will go through: Awareness, Consideration and Decision. Then learn how to develop a 4-step process that reflects the journey of your prospective buyers — turning them into your best advocates. > More

Positive People Produce 
Positive People Produce covers vital relationship and development issues (at home, work, socially) that allow the participants to learn the basics of forming, mending and maintaining healthy, satisfying and sustainable relationships. Learn practical tips on how to strengthen and maintain healthy relationships in the workplace – and at home. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to kick-off your experience at the Accelerate! Conference & Expo. Relationship consultant David Coleman, also known worldwide as The Dating Doctor™ will teach, entertain, and inspire you. > More

Interactive Roundtable Discussions
This unique experience allows you to interact with other business professionals and subject matter experts who share common interest on a specific topic. During facilitated group conversations, you’ll discuss the opportunities, challenges, and best practices and learn from what others are doing successfully with their organizations. Peer-to-peer discussion topics include:

  • Balancing Family, Work and Beyond
  • Aligning Your Career with Your Company's Goals
  • Health & Wellness Challenges and Solutions for Female Driver
  • Safety and Risk Management for Females on the Road
  • Ways to Get Comfortable in a Male-Dominated Industry
  • Motor Carriers and Drivers: Phase II ELD Implementation
  • Learning more about WBE Certification and Leveraging Its Power
  • Best Practices in Female Driver Recruiting & Engagement
  • Marketing & Sales: Leveraging the Buyer’s Journey
  • Legal Issues Impacting Transportation Operations
  • Legal Issues Impacting Employee Rights
  • Gamification of Driver Health & Wellness: Making It Fun!
  • Building Customer Relationships while Negotiating Contracts
  • And more!

Accelerate! Truck Tour 
There’s buzz about amazing new technologies in tractors, ranging from platooning trucks and microturbine-electric hybrid drive systems to emission-reduction and 360-degree technology. See some of the latest technologies from Autobon, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo, and other industry leaders during this unique truck tour. > More