2018 Conference Sessions

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The 2018 Accelerate! Conference & Expo will be packed with 60+ sessions, designed to fall under one or more of these four Educational Tracks: Leadership, HR/Talent Management, Operations, and Sales & Marketing.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshop: "Self-Defense: Let No One Confuse Kindness as Weakness"
They’re back by popular demand!Former police officers Debbie and Mike Gardner are two respected experts when it comes to teaching self-defense to “nice people in high-risk careers” such as trucking.
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Pre-Conference Workshop: "Self-Management: Keys to Peak Performance"
Dr. Jessica McSheck Houston, Author/Trainer/Consultant, will teach you how to become more effective communicators, enhance your productivity, and elevate your performance. > More


Opening Session and Keynote: "Putting Your Sparkle in High Gear and Creating a Life that Lights Up"
Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Author of Courage to SPARKLE: The Audacious Girls’ Guide to Creating a Life that Lights You Up, will focus on the power of showing up to your work and life with your unique presence and gifts, cultivating your skills and making a difference for other women in your profession. > More

Closing Keynote: “Leading with Vision: Charting the Course through Demographic Change"
John Maketa, a high-energy, nationally respected thought leader and pioneer in innovative leadership, will dive deep in the common sense, but very counter-intuitive and fascinating realm of demography. During this session, you will learn about the shifting demography, and related opportunities and challenges for you and your organization. > More

General Sessions

Perspectives from FMCSA Deputy Administrator Cathy Gautreaux
Safety in trucking is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's primary mission. Hear FMCSA's Deputy Administrator Cathy Gautreaux discuss that safety mission, review how that mission is carried out, and highlight some of the FMCSA's top priories remaining in 2018 and coming up in 2019. > More

Executive Panel Discussion: “Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women in Transportation”
Joann Lublin, Pulitzer-prize winner, The Wall Street Journal news editor and author, will share tips gleaned from interviews with 52 elite businesswomen. She’ll then explore how these lessons apply to the success of nominees of the 2018 WIT Influential Woman in Trucking award during a provocative executive panel discussion. > More

"Latest Trends in Driver Recruiting and Retention"
Lana R. Batts of Driver iQ will share current trends in recruiting and retention in the trucking industry. This interactive discussion on recruiting/retention strategies will stimulate fresh ideas to measure the success of driver recruitment and retention to their respective companies.  > More

Breakout Sessions - Monday

"Rock 'n Roll Leadership: How to Succeed in Managing Your Team" 
"One-Size-Orientation Doesn't Fit All"
"How to Improve Fleet Operations & Study Gender Impact with Critical Event Data"
"How to Be More Powerful, Remove Self-Doubt, Own Your Skills and Voice"

Breakout Sessions - Tuesday

"How Popular Culture Shapes Young People's Image of Trucking"
"2018 as the Year of the Driver: Let's Talk Wages, Supply & Demand"
"Being Taken Seriously: Women in Trucking"
"The Triple D Method to Decision-Making"
"Discovering Your Professional Marketable Strengths"
"Deal Your Own Destiny"
"Does Your Truck Get 10 MPG?"

Breakout Sessions - Wednesday

"Protecting Women from Sexual Harassment in the Workplace"
"The 7 Health Plan Metrics Every Company Should Know"
"Discover Benefits of Video Intelligence"
"Building an Inclusive Workplace: Tips from the Best Fleets to Drive For"
"Fleet Management is Human Resource Management"
"Creating a Carrier-Friendly Warehouse"
"Lead from Where You Are"

NEW: Learning Labs
New this year, conference attendees will have the opportunity to quickly learn practical tips and best practices during these 25-minute sessions in three categories: Health, Safety, and Sales & Marketing.
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Interactive Roundtable Discussions
Network with peers and subject matter experts who share common interests on a specific topic. During facilitated group conversations, you’ll discuss opportunities, challenges, and best practices and learn from what others are doing successfully with their organizations. Choose from over 30 topics or dialogue with professionals in similar roles.    

Accelerate! Truck & Technology Tour 
See amazing new technologies in tractors, ranging from platooning trucks and microturbine-electric hybrid drive systems to emission-reduction and 360-degree technology. The latest technologies from industry leaders will be on display during this unique truck tour.