2019 Accelerate! Presentations

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Gutsy, Explicit, Minimum Self-Defense

Monday, September 30
Tuesday, October 1

General Sessions:

How Remarkable Women Unleash their Leadership Potential

Breakout Sessions (Block 2):
Reframing Your Value Proposition & Operations: Attracting Female Drivers
Zap the Gap: Generational Differences Reexamined 
Unleash Your Leadership Potential: Self-Limiting Assumptions 
How Shippers & Carriers Can Make their Networks Safer 
Using Technology to Effectively Grow and Manage Your Business 
Stay Locked Into What Matters Most 

Breakout Sessions (Block 3):
Driver Health & Wellness: Challenges, Solutions 
Ally Skills: Engaging Men in Gender-Equality
CRM Selection: The Right Fit for Your Transportation/Logistics Enterprise
Transportation: Staffing the Future!
Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman
The Extraordinary You in Trucking

Breakout Sessions (Block 4):
Amazon - Transportation Reimagined
Mastering Video to Win Attention, Trust, Engagement, Business
New Technology that's Revolutionizing Trucking
No Woman Left Behind: The Mentor Factor
How Women Blast Past the Competition & their Own False Barriers 
Don't Cut and Paste: Best Practices in Contracts

Wednesday, October 2

General Sessions:

Using the 4 Communication Styles To Gain Connection, Skyrocket Confidence and Reduce Conflict 
Closing Keynote: Walking on the Glass Floor 
  ***BONUS: Free Cope of Judy Hoberman's eBook “Skirting the Issues”***

Breakout Sessions (Block 5):
Tips & Success Stories from Females in the Male-Dominated Trucking Field
Driver Wages: Transition to a Guaranteed Pay Model?
Creating an Inclusive Company Brand
How to Combat Distraction and Drowsiness
Best Practices in Leadership Development: Peterbilt & PACCAR

Breakout Sessions (Block 6):
Challenges in Employment Law & Gender Issues 
2019 Background Screening: Notable Trends & Future Predictions 
From Driver Perks to Driver First: The Evolution of Shipper Choice
How to Manage & Engage Millennials 
Attracting & Retaining Women Drivers: Avoid these 5 Mistakes


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